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Alvi sees AI pivotal role in healthcare sector

Staff Reporter

Sat. 12 August 2023


LAHORE: President Dr Arif Alvi highlighted the significance of artificial intelligence (AI) within the healthcare sector, aiming to enhance the provision of better medical services to the public.

During his address at the Instacare Future Health Forum 2023 held at a local hotel, he said AI holds immense promise for advancements in health and medicine, envisaging a future where medical graduates could leverage AI for patient treatments.

The president pointed out that doctors no longer need to rely solely on their memory, as extensive information can now be stored and accessed through mobile phones and computers. He cited the example of Pakistan's effective utilisation of available data during the Covid-19 pandemic, which resulted in saving numerous lives. Notably, the country experienced a lower Covid-19 mortality rate compared to neighboring nations.

Emphasising the availability of abundant data in Pakistan, he stressed the pivotal role of AI in formulating precise questions to extract accurate answers.

He also underlined the democratisation of knowledge, asserting that anyone can access information freely, making control over it nearly impossible.

The president also highlighted the Islamic principle of promoting community welfare and betterment through state actions. He drew parallels between scientific advancements and the ease they bring to people's lives, suggesting that AI should similarly serve to facilitate human well-being.

In a preceding segment, the president conferred awards upon individuals and institutions that have contributed technological and AI-driven innovations to the healthcare domain.

Dr Javed Akram, Punjab's Minister for Health and Social Welfare, also addressed the attendees.

The forum saw the attendance of First Lady Begum Samina Alvi and a substantial gathering of healthcare professionals, reflecting its significance for the medical community.

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