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Dental community demands free, fair PDA polls

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Sat. 18 May 2024


KARACHI: The dental community across Pakistan has for the first time joined hands to demand free and fair elections for the Pakistan Dental Association (PDA) so that the new body could represent the dental professional for resolution of their issues.

Senior and junior dentists from all over the country have voiced the need for new elections, emphasizing that a newly elected body is essential to address the issues facing the dental fraternity.

The current office bearers began their tenure in 2018, with a term duration of two years. Despite an ongoing court case, many dentists believe that elections must be held to install new office bearers who will then be responsible for managing the legal proceedings.

PDA Secretary General Prof. Dr. Nasir Khan, speaking to Dental News, said, "We are ready to announce new elections. However, on technical grounds, we are not in a position to do so until the court proceedings are concluded. The PDA must abide by the law, and no one would disagree with that. It all depends on the legal status."

Dr. Khan further explained that according to the arbitration committee formed in 2020, the president-elect failed to take the oath within the designated time period.

He said the PDA has challenged his legal position in the court and will act according to the court orders with regard to the elections.

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