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Dr Askary, industry leaders discuss digital healthcare in Pakistan

Press Release

Mon. 10 June 2024


KARACHI: The final day of the Healthcare Expo & Conference 2024 witnessed an important discussion on the future of digital healthcare in Pakistan, with Dr. Hussain Askary, CEO of FJDC, joining a distinguished panel of industry leaders to shed light on the advancements and challenges in this rapidly evolving field.

The panel featured prominent figures from the healthcare and technology sectors: Syed Moin Ali, Manager of the Business Incubation Center at ICCBS Technology Park; Dr. Masood Javed, Director at Health PharmEvo Pvt. Ltd.; Mr. Akbar Raza, Director of Marketing at DigiTrends; Mr. Arbab Idrees, Co-Founder and CEO of iEDGE; and Dr. Hussain Askary, CEO of FJDC, Joint Secretary of PAMI, and Innovation Coordinator for PAMI Sindh.

The session was moderated by Mr. Jamshed Ahmed, CEO of PharmEvo Private Ltd, and organized by Dr. Abid Abbas Shaikh, Organizing Secretary of the Healthcare Expo & Conference 2024 and Marketing Head at SMBBIT.

Dr. Askary, addressing the audience urged the youth to take initiatives, become leaders, and hold decision-makers accountable. "Keep pushing and advancing. We are no less than any other youth around the globe!" he declared, encouraging a proactive approach toward digital healthcare.

Highlighting the progress made by FJDC in digital healthcare, Dr. Askary introduced the institution's AI initiatives and the newly established Center of Leadership & Innovations, underscoring FJDC's commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology in healthcare education and practice.

He emphasized the crucial role healthcare professionals must play in embracing and leading technological advancements, noting the potential of digital healthcare to transform patient care, improve efficiency, and enhance Pakistan's overall healthcare system.

The panel discussion provided valuable insights into the future of healthcare in Pakistan. Dr. Askary and his fellow panelists illuminated the path forward, stressing the importance of innovation, leadership, and accountability. They stressed the need for continuous advancement and the critical role of technology in shaping the future of healthcare.

Collectively, the panelists called for equipping healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge to enable them to employ technological advancements in their profession. They pointed out that digital healthcare is not just about technology for technology's sake but about enhancing the human aspects of healthcare—improving patient experiences, increasing accessibility to medical services, and ensuring more efficient and effective healthcare delivery.

The event showcased the current state of digital healthcare in Pakistan and inspired the next generation of healthcare professionals to lead and innovate, ensuring that Pakistan remains at the forefront of global healthcare advancements.

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