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Fake Degrees Scandal – PMDC to verify doctors’ foreign degrees

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DT-Pakistan Report

DT-Pakistan Report

Thu. 11 June 2015


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) in the wake of Axact’s alleged fake degree scandal has reportedly decided to verify degrees of all foreign qualified doctors.

PMDC officials privy to the matter said that the Council will initiate the process of verifying all foreign degrees of doctors registered with it by preparing a list of foreign medical institutions. Once the list was prepared, the PMDC will contact Pakistan’s embassies to verify the authenticity of all those foreign medical colleges and universities from where the country’s doctors have obtained their medical degrees, the officials confided.

The sources said that the PMDC took the decision after Axact’s alleged fake degree scandal came to light.

The officials did not rule out the possibilities that some of the doctors might have acquired such degrees from `fake’ foreign universities.

Pointing out that more than 100,000 doctors are registered with the PMDC, sources said that process of verifying degrees of foreign qualified doctors will be a time consuming exercise.

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