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IADSR workshop on periodontal disease management

Press Release

Thu. 16 May 2024


LAHORE: A two-day workshop on the 'Comprehensive Management of Periodontal Disease’ was recently organized by the Institute of Advanced Dental Sciences and Research (IADSR) as part of the 16th Professional Diploma in Advanced General Dentistry (PDAGD) offered by the institute.

Conducting the workshop, Dr. Muhammad Haseeb, Head of the Department of Periodontology at the University of Lahore, provided participants with insights into recognizing periodontal disease, its signs and symptoms, and shed light on both surgical and non-surgical management techniques in dental practice.

During the workshop, Dr. Haseeb demonstrated the accurate and effective use of periodontal surgical instruments.

Key topics covered during the workshop included regenerative therapy, guided tissue regeneration, bone grafting procedures, gingivectomy, crown lengthening, splinting, and periodontal flap therapies.

He also stressed the importance of patient education regarding the disease and the development of comprehensive treatment plans post-diagnosis.

The workshop participants engaged in practical sessions, diagnosing and designing comprehensive treatment plans for various cases. They performed surgical procedures on goat heads and phantom heads, making the learning experience highly interactive and hands-on.

Two different case studies were presented to participants, to disseminate new knowledge and address problems encountered in clinical practice.

Dr. Haseeb addressed the queries raised during the case study discussions, leading to an in-depth and enthusiastic exchange that helped clear doubts and misconceptions among practitioners.

The workshop was well-received, with attendees praising the detailed instruction and the opportunity for practical application. The interactive nature of the sessions and the expert guidance provided by Dr. Haseeb made the workshop a resounding success.


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