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Oral cancer awareness session at Bahria College Karsaz

Press Release

Tue. 21 May 2024


KARACHI: An informative session was recently held at Bahria College Karsaz, where consultant oral surgeon Dr. Hera Nadeem warned for the alarming prevalence of oral cancer in Pakistan. Addressing an audience comprising higher secondary and Cambridge section students and faculty members, Dr. Hera stressed the need for increased awareness regarding the health hazards associated with betel nuts, smoking, and vape pens.

Dr. Hera said that oral cancer is the second most prevalent cancer in the country and the most common cancer among males.

She noted that over three-quarters of diagnosed cases are habitual users of betel nuts, pan, gutka, and similar substances. Contributing factors also include smoking, poor oral hygiene, a strong family history of oral cancer, and malnutrition.

With vaping becoming increasingly popular among youngsters, Dr. Hera discussed the broader health risks associated with smoking and vaping. She explained smoking's adverse effects on various organs, increasing the risks of cancers such as mouth, lung, colon, and pancreas, along with other health issues like heart attacks, strokes, and chronic lung diseases.

She also said that a smoker not only endangers their own life but also poses a significant risk to those around them, noting that passive smoking claims about 31,000 lives annually. Dr. Hera warned of the harmful substances present in e-cigarettes, which pose risks of lung and heart diseases.

Concluding her address, Dr. Hera encouraged students to adopt healthy habits, recognizing the crucial role of youth in shaping Pakistan's future. The session concluded with an engaging Q&A segment, where students posed questions to the speaker.

The medical officer at Bahria College thanked Dr. Hera for her enlightening talk on behalf of the principal and teaching faculty.

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