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PDA Chakwal chapter elects new office-bearers

Press Release

Mon. 3 June 2024


CHAKWAL: The Pakistan Dental Association’s (PDA) Chakwal chapter has elected new leadership in the recently held elections, creating enthusiasm among its members who hope the fresh panel would further promote dental healthcare in the region.

As per the election results, Dr. Ehtisham Naseer was elected as president, with Dr. Faseeh Ahmed becoming the senior vice president. Dr. Arshad Malik secured the position of general secretary, and Dr. Shahzad Saqib was chosen as vice president. Other elected officials include Dr. Wajid Hussain as joint secretary, Dr. Amberin as information secretary, and Dr. Adnan as finance secretary, for a two-year term.

According to a press release issued by chief election commissioner (CEC), the following members were also elected to the Managing Committee of the PDA (Chakwal chapter): Dr. Professor Arshad Mahmood Malik, Dr. Kabir Awan, Dr. Shafiq-ul-Zaman, Dr. Rana Javaid, Dr. Osama, Dr. Farooq-ul-Hassan, Dr. Arshad Mahmood, Dr. Sadaqat, Dr. Nimra Iqbal, Dr. Sadiya, Dr. Wajid, Dr. Naseer, Dr. Talha Ali Bhatti, Dr. Adnan, Dr. Taubi, Dr. Tehniat, Dr. Shahra, Dr. Anqarib, Dr. Afifa Habib Qazi, Dr. Aruj Khalid, Dr. Aqsa Jabeen, Dr. Taqdees, Dr. Sobia, Dr. Khadija, and Dr. Ibtisam.

CEC Prof Arshad presided over the oath-taking ceremony, marking the official commencement of the new leadership's tenure. The poll results manifest the collaborative spirit and dedication of the dental community in Chakwal.

Heartfelt congratulations were extended to Dr. Ehtisham Naseer on his well-deserved election to the office of president of PDA Chakwal. The members hope his exemplary leadership will inspire and drive positive change in the field of dentistry.

Special acknowledgement was given to CEC Prof  Arshad Mahmood Malik, Dr. Farooq, and Dr. Ehtisham for successfully holding the election.

The new leadership looks forward to making a lasting impact on dental healthcare in Chakwal.


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