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Pre-conference workshop on advanced CBCT technology

Press Release

Fri. 10 May 2024


TAXILA, RAWALPINDI:  A full-day pre-conference workshop was recently organized by the Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS) at Dental College HITEC IMS in Taxila Cantt, as part of the 1st KCD International Dental Conference to train the participants in handling CBCT software, diagnosing, and planning dental implants and endodontic cases using the advanced technology.

The event drew a total of 23 participants, including house officers, general dentists, and postgraduate trainees. The workshop commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by the opening address by Prof. Dr. Irfan Shah, Principal of Dental College HITEC IMS.

Scientific sessions included "Traditional Implant Planning" led by Prof. Dr. Irfan Shah and "CBCT Introduction and Interpretation" conducted by Dr. Uzair Luqman, HOD OMFS at Islamic International Dental College.

An interactive session on the "Application of CBCT in Endodontics" was facilitated by Prof. Dr. Saima Azam, HOD Operative Dentistry at Islamabad Medical and Dental College. Participants engaged in hands-on practice of CBCT interpretation, dental implant planning, and placement using CBCT software, under the guidance of Dr. Uzair Luqman, Dr. Maimoona Siddiq (HOD OMFS at Dental College HITEC IMS), Dr. Fatima Khattak (Assistant Professor-OMFS at Dental College HITEC IMS), and Dr. Sadia Moin (Senior Registrar OMFS at Dental College HITEC IMS).

The workshop concluded with a session, where participants were divided into small groups to discuss traditional and CBCT-based dental implant case planning on real patients. Each participant received a certificate accredited by Khyber Medical University, entitling them to 6 credit points.

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