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BDC students, faculty tour Baqai Medical Complex

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Dental Tribune Pakistan

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Fri. 1 December 2023


KARACHI: The Baqai Dental College (BDC) Department of Community Dentistry organized a field visit for BDS Second Year students and faculty members focused on community engagement at the Baqai Medical Complex (BMC) in Khuda Ki Basti, Surjani Town, Karachi.

The BDC delegation, led by Prof Dr Asghar Ali Shigri, Chairman of the department, included Assistant Professors Dr Samreen Mazher, Dr Mahwish Bano, Dr Wajiha Anzar, and second-year BDS students.

The primary aim of the visit was to acquaint dental students with the late Prof Fareeduddin Baqai's mission and vision in establishing this community welfare initiative. Additionally, the visit sought to improve the oral health screening and oral health education skills of BDS students.

Mr Salman, the Administrator of BMC, Khuda Ki Basti, warmly received the faculty members and students, guiding them through a comprehensive tour of the complex, saying the complex provides free medical and dental services, along with free school education.

He underscored the complex's commitment to offering complimentary medical and dental amenities, coupled with free school education, besides imparting essential skills to nearby residents, empowering them to financially support their families.

The students, in groups, visited the BMC Out-Patient Departments (OPDs), wards and laboratories. Subsequently, they toured classrooms accommodating approximately 400 students from pre-nursery to 10th grade.

In these classrooms, the BDC team disseminated information about a tooth-friendly diet, proper brushing techniques, and other methods of plaque control.

These initiatives aim to contribute to the early prevention of periodontal diseases, alleviating the overall burden of such ailments.

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