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Inaugural Ceremony Of PDA Gujranwala Dental Welfare Complex And ClearPath Mobile Dental Clinic

DT Pakistan

DT Pakistan

Tue. 14 September 2021


Islamabad: The most awaited inauguration ceremony for the PDA Dental Welfare Complex and ClearPath Mobile Dental Clinic in Gujranwala has recently occurred at the Presidential House in Islamabad.

President Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi led this auspicious ceremony. The most renowned figure of the dental community Dr. Hasan Bashir, President, Pakistan Dental Association (PDA), Gujranwala, and top-notch dental professionals of our country embellished the ceremony with their presence.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, respected Dr Alvi said that there was an urgent need to prevent oral and dental diseases. He further said that we would be able to control more than 90 per cent of the diseased conditions with timely suggestions and prevention programmes.

The President appreciated the PDA Gujranwala for their exceptional philanthropic spirit and focused on manufacturing dental equipment in Pakistan to provide pocket-friendly solutions to the citizens.

At this moment, Dr Hasan Bashir came forward and briefed President Alvi about these new initiations in Gujranwala. He told him that ClearPath Mobile Dental Clinic would be equipped with the latest medical facilities and would provide the most advanced, cost-effective oral health services to the underprivileged people of the society. Moreover, it would address the dental problems of the souls living in the country's remote areas.

Dr Hasan Bashir also shared some personal anecdotes with the attendees of the inaugural ceremony. He expressed that he represented all his senior colleagues like Dr Javed Ashraf (late), who have devoted their whole lives to the profession and humanity. Dr Bashir was so proud to say that Dr Javed Ashraf's personality was a role model.

He said that when he got the presidency of PDA Gujranwala in 2017, he had nothing except good intentions and a team. He thanked Dr Sajjad Mustafa for assisting them at every move.

Goals of PDA Welfare Complex

President PDA said, " PDA Welfare Complex has two goals: First, To provide pocket-friendly dental treatment to the poor people and provide treatment to middle and lower socioeconomic class in the form of Qarz-e-Husna. Second, to provide platforms equipped with the latest technology for the professional development of young dentists."

'To accomplish the goals, we put the foundation of Dr Javed Ashraf Institute of Continuing Dental Education, where we conduct seminars and hands-on workshops every month', he said.

PDA Gujranwala has been setting a  program under the banner of "EARN while you LEARN' shortly for the young dentists in which they would be able to practise under the supervision of senior colleagues. They have been planning to set 4 such centres in the vicinity of Gujranwala. They are also continuously providing their professional services to the prisoners of Central Jail Gujranwala, students and teachers of the prominent institutes. Moreover, PDA Gujranwala has also been conducting free dental camps successfully.

PDA Gujranwala organised several lectures, seminars and workshops

Dr Hasan Bashir proudly announced that in 2017-2020, they had organised 49 lectures, seminars, hands-on workshops and eight online lectures for the awareness of COVID.

'In addition, we had provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to all the dental clinics of Gujranwala and gifted P100 Respirators to all the well-known doctors of Pakistan', he further added.

PDA Gujranwala also set up 11 free dental camps to enlighten people of oral diseases and aware of dental health.

Dr Bashir wished that all the branches of PDA should study the model of our unit and initiate welfare projects in their cities.

In the end, he thanked the President of Pakistan on behalf of all his colleagues to grant them his valuable time and appreciation, which would help them escalate their cause.

While talking to Dental News Pakistan, Dr Hasan Bashir said that President stated, "It's in my knowledge that PDA Gujranwala is the only functional branch in Pakistan that keeps the true spirit of welfare organisation".

'Such strong words of appreciation coming from the highest office in the country means a lot for us', said Dr Bashir to Dental News Pakistan.

He further said that he was personally in debt of Usman Saeed Basra, his PDA Cabinet team 2017-2020 and his Clear Path (Pvt) Ltd team for making this event a huge success.

Dr Arif Alvi appreciated the Dental News Pakistan

Dr Hasan also told us that Dr Alvi mentioned Dental News Pakistan as the national media for dentists of Pakistan and appreciated all those working for the profession.

Dr Arif Alvi appreciated the goals of PDA Gujranwala and said that such projects should also be initiated in other cities so that it would benefit other citizens of Pakistan from the latest technologies.

He congratulated Dr Hasan Bashir, Dr Sajjad Mustafa and the whole cabinet of PDA Gujranwala for establishing this welfare project.

In the end, Dr Alvi distributed the souvenirs among the members of PDA Gujranwala.

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