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PAO elects council office-bearers for 2024

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Dental Tribune Pakistan

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Mon. 29 January 2024


LAHORE: The Pakistan Association of Orthodontists (PAO) elects its council office-bearers in the election for 2024, conducted via a WhatsApp poll, participated in by a large number of the PAO members.

Two panels vied for leadership roles within the PAO. Panel 1 secured 19 votes, while Panel 2 achieved a remarkable 32 votes, out of a total of 71 cast ballots.

As per the results announced by the association, President: Dr. Shabbir Hussain was elected as president of the POA Council 2024, Dr Nauman Sadiq as Vice President, Dr Ahmed Shamim as Secretary General and Dr Usman Ghani as its Finance Secretary.

The election saw a 71pc voter turnout by PAO members. Panel 2, led by Dr Shabbir Hussain, earned the trust and support of the membership.

Dr Zubair Hassan Awaisi, Chief Election Commissioner overseeing the PAO Elections 2024-25, announced the results, commending the active involvement of PAO members in this democratic process.

The Editor and team at Dental News extend heartfelt congratulations to the newly elected 2024 Council members and anticipate their leadership in furthering the association's goals. The PAO remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting excellence in orthodontics and providing invaluable support to its members.


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