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FJDC, PAD hold workshop on sign language for dentistry

Press Release

Mon. 13 November 2023


KARACHI: Fatima Jinnah Dental College (FJDC) joined forces with the Pakistan Association for the Deaf (PAD) to host a workshop on Pakistan Sign Language for Dentistry to facilitate improved communication between dentists and their deaf patients.

This workshop not only provided valuable insights but also stressed the need to close the communication gap prevalent in dental care for the deaf community.

The workshop also underscored the need for dentists to comprehend the unique requirements of deaf patients and created an interactive learning environment, where they actively engaged with Pakistan Sign Language (PSL) to enhance communication with such patients.

During the workshop the participants practiced PSL in various scenarios, gaining a practical understanding of its application in real-life dental settings. Beyond language acquisition, the workshop emphasized the importance of cultural sensitivity and understanding the distinctive needs of deaf individuals requiring dental care.

The dentists were urged to embrace a patient-centric approach, ensuring comprehensive and comfortable dental care for deaf patients. The workshop served as a catalyst for dentists to become advocates for the implementation of more deaf-friendly healthcare practices, fostering a sense of community and solidarity.

In a collaborative effort, FJDC and PAD have produced a special publication titled "Pakistan Sign Language for Dentistry," scheduled for release next month. This guide aims to equip dentists with the necessary tools to communicate effectively with deaf patients.

FJDC urged the dentists, patients, and advocates to join hands for creating a more inclusive healthcare environment and system to promote understanding the deaf patients’ needs and supporting their interactions. Emphasizing the importance of community involvement, FJDC encourages everyone to partake in this journey towards a compassionate and accessible healthcare system.

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