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APDSA, Dow University hold workshop on AI potential in dentistry

Press Release

Sat. 5 August 2023


KARACHI: The All Pakistan Dental Students' Association (APDSA), in collaboration with Dow University, organised a workshop here to highlight AI's transformative potential in revolutionising dental care.

The workshop was conducted by Assistant Professor Fahad Umer, together with fellow experts Niha Adnan and Adil Ahme.

AP Umer opened the event with an enthusiastic address, emphasising the significance of AI in dentistry and its ability to elevate patient care and dental practices to unprecedented heights. He underscored the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements to ensure improved patient outcomes.

During the workshop, the attendees delved into a wide array of topics related to AI in dentistry. They explored different AI models and their applications in the dental domain, as well as examined real-world use cases, gaining valuable insights into AI's limitless possibilities for the future of dentistry.

A pivotal aspect of the workshop involved hands-on experience in basic Python coding for dental AI applications. This interactive session allowed aspiring dental professionals to witness the power of coding and its potential to enhance dental procedures and diagnosis accuracy.

A standout moment during the workshop was the discussion on AI annotation techniques. The experts elaborated on the significance of precise and detailed data annotation for effectively training AI models. Accurate labeling of datasets enables AI algorithms to learn from vast amounts of information, resulting in more robust and accurate AI systems in dentistry.

The experts conducting the workshop expressed confidence in the next generation of dental professionals to embrace AI as a powerful tool in advancing dental technology and patient care.

Beyond its educational impact, the workshop fostered a collaborative environment, bringing together industry professionals, educators, and students to share knowledge and ideas, nurturing the future of dentistry in Pakistan.

The event concluded with heartfelt appreciation from all attendees to APDSA Pakistan and Dow University for hosting the workshop. With the seeds of knowledge sown, the dental community in Pakistan is expected to witness remarkable advancements in AI applications, leading to a brighter and healthier future for patients and practitioners alike.

As AI continues to revolutionise various industries, the dentistry field stands at the forefront of embracing this technological evolution. Events like this workshop have taken a firm step towards an AI-driven dental future.

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