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SSCDEC holds workshop on rubber dams application

Press Release

Tue. 19 September 2023


KARACHI: The Sir Syed Continuing Dental Education Committee organized a workshop focused on the significance and proper application of rubber dams designed for second-year BDS students.
The workshop was led by Dr Zareen Afshan, BDS MDS, Assistant Professor and Head of Operative Dentistry.
During the workshop, Dr Zareen Afshan conducted a live demonstration of the rubber dam placement procedure, providing hands-on experience to both students and faculty members.
She emphasised the critical role of achieving proper isolation when performing root canal treatments, underlining that this significantly enhances the success rate of the procedure.
Dr Hasan Askari, Head of Dental Materials, also underscored the importance of using rubber dams during the junior operative workshop. He stressed the need for maintaining a sterile and dry treatment environment to prevent the entry of bacteria into the root canals.
The administrative team at Sir Syed lauded the efforts of the senior dental faculty for promoting advancing dental education.

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