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BDC workshop on fluoride varnish application

Press Release

Fri. 6 October 2023


KARACHI: Baqai Dental College's Department of Community Dentistry recently conducted a workshop to emphasize the significance of fluoride varnish application, a dental procedure commonly administered by professional dentists and hygienists to prevent dental decay.

The workshop was led by Prof Dr Asghar Ali Shigri, who engaged second-year BDS students in an informative session about the importance of fluoride varnish, guidelines for its application, its advantages, and the correct procedure for administering professional fluoride varnish.

Dr Shigri told the participants that while topical fluoride application offers benefits to all, it holds particular importance for individuals in moderate to high-risk categories. The role of fluoride varnish in preventing tooth decay is pivotal, as it is absorbed into tooth enamel, strengthening it and rendering it resistant to acid attacks by oral bacteria, thus reducing the risk of tooth decay.

After the lecture, a hands-on session in a phantom head setting was conducted to enhance students' understanding of the application procedure.

Subsequently, students had the opportunity to practice the demonstrated steps independently, under the supervision of Dr Samreen Mazhar, Dr Mehwish Bano, and Dr Wajiha Anzar.


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