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PIMA Faisalabad holds moot on mandibular molar surgery

Staff Reporter

Sun. 27 August 2023


FAISALABAD: A seminar focusing on the Surgical Management of Impacted Mandibular Molars was held by Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) Faisalabad, in collaboration with Prof Arshad Malik from HBS Dental College Islamabad, drawing a diverse audience including faculty members, postgraduate students, and private practitioners.

The primary objective of the seminar was to offer a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in surgical procedures related to impacted mandibular molars.

The seminar was led by Prof Arshad Malik, Dean of HBS Dental College Islamabad.

It provided the attendees with an opportunity to witness a comprehensive presentation of practical aspects of these surgical techniques. The seminar also featured a live demonstration of patient procedures, meticulously captured in video presentations to provide an immersive learning experience to attendees.

The seminar was well-attended by dental professionals from various institutions, including representatives from PMC (Punjab Medical College) and Medina Dental Colleges.

The session, which spanned three hours, facilitated an in-depth exploration of the subject matter. Professor Arshad Malik's engaging presentations, covering both theoretical foundations and practical applications of surgical procedures for impacted mandibular molars, held the attendees' attention. The incorporation of patient procedure videos ensured a thorough grasp of the discussed techniques.

Dr. Arshad highlighted PIMA Faisalabad's dedication to advancing dental education and fostering excellence in oral healthcare. Through collaborative initiatives and seminars, PIMA Faisalabad strives to offer dental professionals and students continuous learning and professional development opportunities.

Seminar's success was attributed to the organizing committee, particularly Dr Iqbal and Dr Saad, who displayed exceptional dedication and effort in ensuring the seamless execution of the event.

The seminar not only enhanced participants' knowledge and expertise but also forged stronger bonds within the dental community in Faisalabad and beyond.

Prof Arshad Malik was lauded for his expertise and contributions to oral healthcare education and research, promoting dental education and practices in Pakistan.

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