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LUMHS workshop on dental surgery skills

Press Release

Wed. 29 May 2024


JAMSHORO: The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department at the Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS), Jamshoro, recently conducted a comprehensive workshop designed to refine the fundamental surgical skills of budding dental and medical practitioners.

Guided by mentors such as Prof. Kashif Ali Channar, Prof. Muhammad Shahzad, Dr. Sunnel Kumar, and Dr. Salman Shams, the workshop participants delved into various aspects of suturing techniques, biopsy procedures, flap elevations for minor oral surgeries, and the essentials of scrubbing, gowning, and gloving.

Surgical skills form the bedrock of any medical or dental profession, and this workshop served as a pivotal platform for participants to hone their techniques and broaden their understanding of oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures.

Proper suturing is indispensable for wound closure and healing. The workshop participants received hands-on training in a variety of suturing techniques, including simple interrupted, continuous, and mattress sutures. Mastery of these techniques ensures optimal wound closure, minimizing infection risks, and facilitating faster recovery.

Biopsy procedures are vital for diagnosing oral lesions and abnormalities. Participants learned the intricacies of biopsy techniques, including tissue sampling and specimen handling. Understanding these nuances is crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

Flap elevation is essential for accessing underlying tissues and structures in many oral surgical procedures. Participants gained practical experience in flap elevation techniques, mastering tissue manipulation and preservation skills. Proficiency in flap elevations is essential for performing various oral surgeries with precision and efficacy.

Maintaining strict aseptic techniques is essential in surgical settings to prevent surgical site infections. Through comprehensive training sessions, participants learned proper protocols for scrubbing, gowning, and gloving, ensuring adherence to strict hygiene standards during surgical procedures.

Prompt and skillful management of dental and maxillofacial traumas is necessary to prevent complications and ensure optimal outcomes. Participants learned the principles of dentoalveolar trauma management, including assessment, diagnosis, and intervention strategies under the guidance of experienced mentors.

The workshop provided a conducive environment for participants to interact with experienced faculty members, seek clarification, and receive personalized feedback on their techniques. The hands-on approach allowed them to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios, fostering confidence and competence in surgical skills.

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