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KMDC concludes basic surgical skills workshop

Press Release

Wed. 10 July 2024


KARACHI: Karachi Medical and Dental College (KM&DC), Karachi Medical University (KMU), recently concluded a Basic Surgical Skills Workshop, designed to enhance the surgical techniques of dental professionals.

The event, hosted by Prof. Dr. Sheeraz Hussain, Principal and Head of the Department of Dentistry, was organized by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) team, was attended by dental practitioners keen to advance their surgical expertise.

The workshop featured interactive sessions led by known surgeons, including Prof. Dr. Zahid Ali, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sufyan Ahmed, and Asst. Prof. Dr. Arzoo.

Participants engaged in hands-on training covering essential surgical aspects such as aseptic technique, instrument handling, suturing, and knot tying. The workshop also included rigorous skills assessments, culminating in the awarding of Continuing Medical Education (CME) certifications to attendees.

Prof. Dr. Sheeraz Hussain highlighted the workshop's importance in improving professional competence and shared plans for future clinical workshops. He reiterated KM&DC's commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in surgical education, emphasizing the institution's dedication to nurturing the next generation of skilled dental professionals.

The workshop exemplifies the college's proactive approach to advancing dental education and equipping practitioners with the latest techniques and knowledge to deliver patient care, inspiring and better preparing the participants to tackle the complexities of dental surgery.

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