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Prof. Dr Fazal Ghani honoured

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Sat. 21 February 2015


To promote health research in Pakistan, the Board of Governors (BoG) of the Pakistan Medical Research Council (PMRC) has selected Professor Dr Fazal Ghani as the Convener of the Experts Panel on Oral Health for the three-year term. Ghani, will also serve as the PMRC Member of its Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).

Ghani serves as Convener of the Experts Panel on Oral Health include; Evaluation of research proposals submitted for funding by the PMRC, reviewing of scientific manuscripts for the PMRC for publishing in the Pakistan Journal of Medical Research (PJMR), identification of national oral health problems, develop research agenda of the PMRC, preparation of position papers on policy questions for the PMRC for onward submission to the Government.

As member of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of the PMRC, Ghani shall recommend research and development projects and strategic plans for approval of the Council, reviewing, monitoring and utilization of the outcomes of research supported by PMRC, advising the council on technical matters, identifying suitable candidates for appointments as scholars, fellows and research associates, advising the council on building inter-institutional relations, acting as the primary medium of communication / liaison between the council and research / academic community, informing the council of issues, problems and research opportunities and helping foster understanding within the research / academic community of the councils’ aims and activities.

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