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‘Residents as Educators’ workshops at LCMD

Press Release

Mon. 11 September 2023


KARACHI: Liaquat College of Medicine & Dentistry (LCMD) recently conducted a series of workshops centered on the theme 'Residents as Educators,' under the guidance of Prof Dr Navid Rashid Quershi, Principal of the College of Dentistry.

The organising team comprised Prof Dr Tahera Ayub, Co-Chair of the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee, and Dr Sabaa Shahid, Head of the Medical Education Department. The coordination of administrative, technical, and managerial aspects was overseen by Mr Moiz Majid, an officer from DHPE.

Led by distinguished plastic surgeon Prof Dr Ashraf Ganatra, this series aimed to equip resident doctors with essential skills in medical education, enabling them to become proficient educators upon completing their postgraduate training.

The initial sessions in the series included an insightful discussion on the importance of clinical teaching by Prof Dr Ashraf Ganatra, followed by role-playing exercises on clinical teaching models led by Prof Dr Tahera Ayub and Asst Prof Dr Shirjeel Hussain. Prof Dr Naheed Najmi also demonstrated effective feedback techniques.

On the second day of the series, the workshops focused on critical topics such as lesson planning, led by Assoc Prof Dr Muhammad Azfar, small group teaching facilitated by Dr Sabaa Shahid, and debriefing conducted by Prof Dr Khalid Maidah.

Following the workshops, the resident doctors were assigned post-workshop tasks to implement their newly acquired knowledge and present comprehensive reports on their teaching experiences.

The dedication and expertise of the facilitators were lauded by the participants.

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