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LCMD holds qualitative research, AI-based MCQs workshops

Press Release

Wed. 6 December 2023


KARACHI: In order to improve the research proficiency of students, Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry (LCMD) organized an extensive workshop series focusing on qualitative research.

The inaugural session, titled "Introduction and Types of Qualitative Research," was tailored for participants contributing to the institute's research committees.

The workshop was supervised by Dr Sumera Saeed, former PMDC regional head and presently affiliated with Education Unlimited. She has done her MHPE from JSMU, and enriched the participants with her extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

The workshop was appreciated by attendees for its effectiveness in imparting knowledge about a topic that is often considered "dry". Dr Saeed was lauded for employing a hands-on approach through various individual and group activities that translated complex concepts into tangible, practical knowledge.

LCMD management thanked Dr Sumera Saeed for investing her time and expertise in conducting the workshop that enhanced students' understanding of qualitative research.

The workshop was moderated by Dr Sabaa Shahid, In charge DHPE, and Mr Moiz Majid, Officer DHPE, ensuring a well-organized and engaging learning experience for all participants.

Writing MCQs using AI: In a collaborative initiative led by the Department of Health Professions Education and the Curriculum Committee (Clinical Sciences), LCMD conducted a hands-on workshop to empower participants with the skills to develop higher cognition level Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The workshop was facilitated by Prof Dr Tahera Ayub, Chairperson of the Curriculum Committee (Clinical Sciences), Assoc Prof Dr Shirjeel Hussain, Deputy Director DSH, and Dr Sabaa Shahid, In charge, DHPE.

The workshop aimed to bridge the intersection of educational methodologies and cutting-edge technology, providing participants with practical insights into the integration of AI in crafting MCQs.

Prof Dr Tahera Ayub, an expert in curriculum development, along with the Assoc Prof Dr Shirjeel Hussain and Dr Sabaa Shahid, ensured an enriching learning experience for the participants.

By incorporating AI into the design of MCQs, LCMD not only aims to enhance the skill set of participants but also embraces innovative approaches to assessment in clinical sciences.

During the workshop, the participants engaged in discussions about guidelines for creating technically correct MCQs. An interactive activity followed, enabling participants to self-identify technical errors in MCQs.

The concluding session was focused on the step-by-step utilisation of various AI tools. It not only emphasised the importance of staying updated with educational technology, but also showcased practical applications to improve the quality of assessments in dental education.

The workshop, moderated by DHPE Office Mr Moiz Majid, ensured that participants are well-equipped with the latest assessment methodologies.

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