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HUDH hosts qualitative research workshop for faculty

Press Release

Mon. 1 July 2024


KARACHI: Hamdard University Dental Hospital (HUDH) recently conducted an engaging workshop on qualitative research aimed at enhancing the skills of its faculty members.

Organized by Prof. Dr. Abdur Rehman, Dr. Haifa Saquib Baqai, and Dr. Ahsan Mumtaz, the event featured Dr. Syed Jaffer Abbas Zaidi, a distinguished qualitative research expert from DOW University of Health Sciences, as the lead facilitator.

The workshop, designed under the guidance of Principal Dr. Syed Imran Hassan, emphasized HUDH's commitment to advancing dental practices through a deeper understanding of patient experiences and highlighted the role of qualitative research in promoting such initiatives within the hospital.

During the workshop, the participants learnt key techniques such as interviews, focus groups, and thematic analysis, gaining practical experience in data collection and analysis.

The interactive format of the workshop was appreciated by faculty members. "This workshop has significantly enhanced my understanding of qualitative research and its application in dentistry,” says a participant.

HUDH plans to continue promoting a culture of research and innovation through similar workshops in the future.

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