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Avicenna Dental College hosts workshop on research innovation

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Dental Tribune Pakistan

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Mon. 4 March 2024


LAHORE: Avicenna Dental College (ADC) recently hosted a research workshop titled "Thinking out of the Box" organised by its dental materials department to inspire participants to cultivate innovative mindset and practical out-of-the-box thinking skills for application in research.

The event was attended by dental professionals and scholars eager to explore new avenues in their research pursuits.

Guest speaker Dr Muhammad Hassan from the University of Lahore in his lecture told the attendees to break free from conventional thinking patterns and embrace innovative solutions, exploring unconventional approaches in research.

Interactive brainstorming sessions, facilitated by workshop organizers including Dr. Nadia Munir (Associate Professor), Dr. Fahad (Assistant Professor), Dr. Shahzaib Wazir (Demonstrator), and Dr. Khubaib Noor (Demonstrator), provided a platform for collaborative exploration and knowledge exchange.

Through group discussions and hands-on activities, the participants learned techniques to harnessing creativity to address challenges in the dental field.

Dr. Nadia Munir, Head of the Department of Dental Materials, in her address said that by challenging participants to think differently and explore new perspectives, we aim to promote a culture of innovation that will lead to progress in research and ultimately enhance patient care.

The success of the "Thinking out of the Box" workshop underscores Avicenna Dental College's commitment to advancing dental education and research work, with a focus on nurturing creativity and innovation.

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