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HITEC-IMS Dental College hosts workshops on assessment tools for faculty development

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Dental Tribune Pakistan

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Tue. 23 January 2024


TAXILA, PAKISTAN: The HITEC-IMS Dental College Department of Dental Education recently conducted two comprehensive workshops spanning two days titled "Development of High-Quality MCQs" and "The Why and How of OSCEs," specifically for faculty members specializing in basic and clinical dental sciences, attended by heads of departments and senior faculty members.

The interactive workshops were conducted by Dr Faizan Munir Khan and Dr Zerlis Nawaz, who explained crucial aspects such as the salient features and recommendations for the effective conduction of Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) and the essential art of developing quality Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

In the MCQ workshop, the participants crafted MCQs relevant to their respective disciplines and received constructive feedback from the dental education department. Meanwhile, the OSCE workshop involved the participants in both developing OSCEs and in role-playing scenarios. Various learning and engagement activities were incorporated, including 'Poll Everywhere,' 'Voting on Padlet,' and a 'Quiz on Kahoot.'

The participants commended the workshops for innovation in assessments. They recognized the workshops' role in promoting quality assessments to elevate the educational outcomes of students in the college.

The initiative was aimed at continuously enhancing the professional development of faculty and, by extension, the quality of education.


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