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HITEC-IMS dental college hosts young doctors leadership moot

Press Release

Sun. 25 February 2024


Taxila, Rawalpindi: The Dental College at HITEC-IMS recently played host to an event titled the "Young Doctors Leadership Summit," aimed at cultivating leadership potential among budding medical professionals.

The event featured inspiring "Doc Talks," panel discussions, and skill development sessions on the latest advancements in dentistry, including 3D diagnosis and treatment planning for implants.

It was attended by known dental clinicians and academics including Prof. Dr. Amjad Mahmood, Prof. Dr. Wasim, Prof. Dr. Bilal Ahmed, Prof. Dr. Nauman Bari, Prof. Dr. Saad Asad, Prof. Dr. Anwar Ali Shah, Prof. Brig. Nazir Khan, Prof. Dr. Mohtada Hassan, Prof. Dr. Faisal Malik, and Dr. Ambreen Azam, among others.

Attendees from various dental colleges across Pakistan shared their diverse perspectives at the summit.

Highlights of the summit included talks by Dr. Irfan Shah, Dr. Alamgir, and Maria Memon, alongside discussions by guest speakers and a panel moderated by Associate Professor Dr. Shahreen Zahid Khan.

It also featured hands-on workshops on "3D Diagnosis and Planning of Dental Implants" and competitions such as the "Research Poster Competition" and "Table Clinic Competition".

The summit culminated with a vibrant Qawali Night, which enthralled the participants.

Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Irfan Shah and with the support of Dr. Shazana Rana, Dr. Shahreen Zahid, Dr. Sana Tariq, and Maj Azher Iqbal, along with the HIDAC Alumni led by President Dr. Shawaiz Khan and Vice President Dr. Aneeqa Tahir, the summit offered a transformative experience for aspiring medical and dental professionals.

Dr. Kanwal Malik and Dr. Abdul Nafay Qazi acted as hosts of the summit aimed at equipping the participants with the knowledge, skills, and providing them networking opportunities necessary for their career.


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