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Mastering onlay workshop at HITEC-IMS dental college

Press Release

Tue. 26 December 2023


TAXILA, RAWALPINDI: The Department of Operative Dentistry and Endodontics at Dental College HITEC-IMS recently organised a Mastering Onlay Workshop to increase participants' proficiency in dental onlay preparation.

Led by Prof Dr Beenish, Dr Sharaz Ahmed, Dr. Amna Riaz, Dr Usman, and Dr Afshan, the event was facilitated by Dr Usman Anwer, Associate Professor at Islamic International Dental College.

The workshop's key objectives included offering a comprehensive understanding of dental onlay preparation, coupled with hands-on learning experiences in the skills lab. House officers and professionals from the college and various other institutions participated in the event.

It commenced with an insightful lecture by Dr Usman Anwer on dental onlay preparation. The inclusion of case presentations provided a valuable real-world perspective, engaging attendees and fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Subsequently, the participants went to the skills lab for an interactive hands-on session, allowing them to apply the acquired knowledge and refine their skills under the guidance of Dr Usman.

The event made significant contributions to the professional development of all participants.

Special appreciation was extended to Dr Usman Anwer for his role as the facilitator. Acknowledgments were also conveyed to Prof Dr Waheed Ullah Khan (Vice Principal) and Prof Dr Beenish (Head of Department) for their support and involvement in the workshop. Certificates were distributed among the participants at the session’s conclusion, recognising their active participation and commitment.

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