“Masters of Digital Dentistry“ Episode 1

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“Masters of Digital Dentistry“ Episode 1


For the first episode of our new series “Masters of Digital Dentistry“, we followed dental technician Uli Hauschild and documented how Uli handled a complex patient case, together with a team of specialists at the University Institute of Face and Neck in Nice, France.

The film shows also Uli’s personal and professional development and new possibilities in digital dentistry thanks to innovative and open CAD/CAM technology.

We at exocad are proud to be part of the evolution in digital dentistry and to offer experts like Uli Hauschild the freedom to tread unforeseen paths. exocad- your freedom is our passion.

Enjoy the first episode!

Special thanks to:

  • Uli Hauschild and his team
  • Dr. Olivier Dassonville, Dr. Charles Savoldelli, Dr. Franck Afota (University Institute of Face and Neck in Nice, France)
  • Dr. Paul Weigl and his team (J.W. Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
  • Dr. Scott Ganz, USA
  • Vollbild Film and Daniel Sax