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6 ways to avoid teeth from chipping

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Dr Hiba Shams

Dr Hiba Shams

Thu. 24 February 2022


Even though scientists have developed artificial enamel that is even tougher and more durable than natural enamel, it is still necessary to safeguard your natural teeth from splitting, cracking, and breaking.

How can teeth get broken, chipped or cracked?

Some of the most prevalent causes of broken teeth, as well as other severe dental injuries, are accidents, hits, teeth cavities that haven't been addressed, root canal treatment, treated or filled teeth that have been left in place for an extended period and haven't been crowned,  grinding or clenching teeth orbiting very hard substances.

Prevent teeth injuries and trauma

Many people can have a beautiful smile with regular brushing, flossing, and dental work. However, tooth and mouth traumas can undermine even the finest oral hygiene. On the other hand, adults can take steps to avoid tooth and mouth injuries.

Get a regular dental checkup

It is critical to have a six-monthly dental checkup to detect problems early and receive treatment as soon as possible to avoid teeth decay. Tooth decay weakens and destroys the tooth structure or fillings and puts it at risk of fracture. In addition, if your endodontist or dentist advises you to get permanent fillings, get it as soon as possible.

Crown your tooth

On the other hand, when the dentist removes the pulp in root canal therapy, he cuts off the tooth's blood supply, thus the nutrients. Hence, the tooth becomes brittle and susceptible to fractures. Therefore, we should not put off having a dental crown for a tooth with a root canal.

Don't make your teeth- a bottle opener!

Never use your teeth for popping bottle caps, rip the tags, open packages, nibble on non-food items, or anything they aren't designed for, as these may split your tooth and even damage your jaw.

Play with protective gears on

If required, put on protective gear. Always use a seat belt when travelling to avoid any unfortunate events. Wear your athletic mouthguards when participating in sports to prevent teeth from trauma, breaking or chipping.

Protect your teeth with a nightguard

Consult your dentist and request a nightguard if you have a parafunctional habit of grinding or clenching your teeth while sleeping. This causes significant tooth wear, cracked tooth, muscle strain, pain, and damage to the jaw joint.

Get your orthodontic treatment done

Teeth that are misaligned or positioned more forwardly than the others are more vulnerable to damage since they will be the first to make contact when an impact occurs. It would be best if you pursued orthodontic treatment, either with traditional braces or Invisalign braces.

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