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Implant Dentistry Pakistan ’15 – “Trends of Implant Dentistry in Pakistan”

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Sun. 2 August 2015


Karachi: Pakistan is all set to exclusively host its first Implant dental conference on August 15th at the Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi. The conference theme is “Trends of Implant Dentistry in Pakistan”. The event is organized and planned by Dental News, the largest dental media company in Pakistan.

The event is supported, among others, by Baqai Medical University, Pakistan Dental Association and Oral Commission of the Asia Pacific Dental Federation.

This international event will have both national and international speakers including Dr Erdem Ozdemir of Turkey; Prof Navid Rashid, Principal, LCMD & President PDA Karachi; Prof  Kashif Ikram, Principal Baqai; Dr Nadeem Pasha, LMDC; Dr Sameer Quraeshi, FJDC; Dr Irfan Qureshi, Sir Syed; Dr Khurram Ataullah, FMH; Dr Noorul Wahab, Ziauddin; Dr Murtaza Kazmi, FJDC and Dr Munis Mukhtar.

The full day event is offering Pakistan Medical & Dental Council approved credit hours and has a full day pre conference workshop as well. The workshop topic is “Immediate Provisionary a foolproof option in Implant Dentistry”. 

Like all Dental News event this one is also getting an overwhelming response and it is expected that at least 350 people will attend the conference and benefit from the experiences of the experts in the field of dentistry in Pakistan and abroad. 

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