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Promoting oral health awareness at Bhitai Dental & Medical College, Mirpurkhas

Press Release

Tue. 19 December 2023


MIRPURKHAS: The Department of Orthodontics at Bhitai Dental & Medical College (BDMC), Mirpurkhas, recently hosted a seminar on "The Importance of Good Oral Hygiene for Orthodontic Patients: Current Perspectives."

This collaborative event with Haleon GSK Pak Ltd. featured discussions led by Dr Muzaffar, Assistant Professor of the Orthodontic Department, and Mr Faheem Bhatti from GSK Pak Ltd.

The seminar garnered substantial attendance, including students, house officers, senior and junior faculty members, management team representatives, and trustees.

Dr Ghulam Mustafa Butt, Managing Director, was the chief guest, with Dr Permanand, Principal of BD&MC, as the guest of honour.

The session was conducted by Dr Nazir, while Dr Ali Maqbool, Principal Secretary to MD, expressed gratitude to the participants.

Supervised by Dr Qamar, HOD of Orthodontics, Dr Tariq Memon, Dr Farhat Jehan, and Dr Saima Yousuf ensured the smooth execution of the event.

The session concluded with the distribution of certificates by Managing Director Dr Ghulam Mustafa.

In his address, MD Dr Ghulam Mustafa Butt commended the Orthodontics team and encouraged the organisation of more such activities beyond the campus.

Following this, he inaugurated Health Awareness Day stalls in the Department of Orthodontics, featuring a chilled test desk. The stalls offered various models, posters, and informative materials to educate patients on oral health.

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