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DDC holds dental health awareness camp for school kids

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Dental Tribune Pakistan

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Thu. 30 November 2023


KARACHI: In a community health education initiative, the Dow Dental College’s (DDC) Department of Community Dentistry (DCD) organized a dental camp at Al-Furqan School, in collaboration with the Al Huda International Welfare Foundation.

The event was a part of department's ongoing Community Outreach Program, dedicated to increasing oral health awareness and practices within the local community.

The program led by Assistant Professor Muhammad Taqi, and Dr Adnan and Dr Amber from the Faculty of Community Dentistry, was supported by the DDC Students Assembly and a team of volunteer students.

The camp featured the inaugural implementation of fluoride application treatments, a crucial preventive strategy against dental caries, specifically targeting high-risk caries patients, not only through treatment but also to actively prevent dental health issues.

Beyond the essential preventive care services, the camp offered a distinctive, enjoyable educational experience.

The DDC team organised an interactive quiz on oral health, incentivizing students participation and giving goodie bags, containing toothpaste, colorful stationery, and stickers, to those giving correct answers. This approach fostered an engaging and enjoyable learning environment.

As the event culminated, teachers and the principal of Al-Furqan School commended the efforts of the DDC.

The Al Huda International Welfare Foundation recognized the team's effort by presenting certificates of appreciation to the doctors, underscoring the significance of the collaboration and the impact of the camp in promoting oral health awareness.

This initiative, particularly the introduction of fluoride application treatments, stressed the importance of innovative and proactive health education and promotion of oral health awareness and preventive care within the community, with a special focus on the younger population.

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