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UCMD team holds oral health camps at 20 schools in Lahore

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Dental Tribune Pakistan

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Mon. 8 January 2024


LAHORE: The Department of Community & Preventive Dentistry at the University College of Medicine and Dentistry (UCMD), The University of Lahore (UOL), marked Oral Health Week, in collaboration with Colgate, Palmolive, Pakistan, featuring oral health camps, screenings, in 20 schools of Lahore.

The primary aim of the oral health camps was to educate students and the community about the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene from an early age.

Each day, teams comprising second-year BDS students, house surgeons, and appointed team leaders from UCD Faculty, including Dr Seema Shafeeq, Dr Khaloud Tariq, Dr Zunaira Iqbal, Dr. Naiha Muzamil, Dr. Rayyan Sameer, Dr. Aqsa Arif, and Dr. Ahmad Azhar, visited three schools, examining an average of 150-plus students at each facility.

The students received valuable lessons on proper brushing techniques, the significance of flossing, the impact of dietary habits on oral health, and the consequences of neglecting oral hygiene.

Dental check-ups were conducted on more than 150 students per day. The distribution of Colgate samples further supported the initiative, promoting the use of quality oral care products.

The schools administrations thanked Prof Moghees, Dean UCMD, and Principal UCD, for his continuous support and guidance, as well as to Dr Muhammad Aslam, Medical Superintendent of The University Dental Hospital, Dr Wajiha Alamgir, Head of Oral Pathology and Oral Diagnostics Department, Dr. Arooj Ul Hassan, Head of Community and Preventive Dentistry Department, and the departmental team for holding Oral Health Week.

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