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ClearPath Institute, Riphah University hold oral health camp

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Fri. 19 January 2024


Rawalpindi, Pakistan: In a collaborative effort aimed at promoting oral health awareness, ClearPath Institute recently partnered with Riphah International University for an impactful Oral Health Awareness Camp held at the Raiwind Campus.

The event, catering to students, faculty members, and employees, featured free dental screenings, dental consultations, and clear aligner assessments.

The initiative witnessed a tremendous response, with a significant number of students, faculty members, and employees actively participating in the camp. Attendees took advantage of the opportunity to receive free dental check-ups and Clear Aligner consultations.

During interactive sessions, the director of ClearPath Institute shared valuable insights into oral hygiene and Clear Aligner technology, engaging with both faculty members and students of Riphah International University.

Meanwhile, in a meeting with the director of Riphah International University at the Raiwind Road Campus, the ClearPath Institute director outlined dentistry initiatives and community-betterment projects.

The discussions included ClearPath's commitment to offering free consultations and cost-effective treatments for students, faculty members, and employees across various universities and institutional organizations. The collaborative efforts aim to contribute to the enhancement of oral health awareness and care within the community.

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