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DDC camp for oral health advocacy at HealthAsia moot  

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Sun. 5 November 2023


KARACHI: Dow Dental College’s Department of Community Dentistry held an innovative dental camp at the HealthAsia Conference 2023 at the Expo Center recently, gathering expert healthcare professionals from various fields, amid the bustling exhibits and enlightening courses.

More than just offering complimentary oral health checkups, the dental camp provided a comprehensive experience for the participants who received personalised guidance on oral hygiene practices and were educated about the risks associated with tobacco products, such as cigarettes and betel nuts.

The objective of the DDC initiative was to underscore the intrinsic connection between oral health and overall well-being.

Available to all conference attendees, the camp featured a team of seasoned experts from DDC Department of Community Dentistry. The faculty, including Dr Taqi, Dr Adnan, Dr Mona, Dr Babar, and Dr Amber, alongside 11 dedicated house officers, ensured that each participant got valuable insights and recommendations.

A multitude of HealthAsia Conference 2023 attendees reaped substantial benefits from this enlightening dental camp. Not only did they gain vital knowledge about maintaining oral health, but they also became aware of the accessible subsidised dental services offered at DDC. This outreach not only educated the participants but also prompted them to prioritise their dental care.

Integrating dental awareness initiatives into conferences, as demonstrated at HealthAsia, represents a strategic step. It not only highlights the significance of oral health but also emphasises the importance of regular dental checkups and the adoption of healthy dental practices.

Institutions like DDC, through such initiatives, assume a crucial role in advocating for the advancement of oral health, leading society towards a more robust and well-informed future.

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