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World Oral Health Day marked at DDC

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Dental Tribune Pakistan

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Sun. 10 March 2024


KARACHI: To mark World Oral Health Day, the Dow Dental College (DDC) organized a series of g presentations and activities focused on promoting dental wellness.

In collaboration with Platinum Pharma, the DDC’s Community Health Department and its faculty, including the Head of the Department Dr. Muhammad Taqi, Dr. Adnan, Dr. Mona, Dr. Babar, and Dr. Amber, organized the event.

The festivities commenced with a warm welcome to the participants, where the organizers highlighted the significance of World Oral Health Day and maintaining good oral hygiene.

The speakers on the occasion shared their expertise in various aspects of oral health.

Dr. Mona Shah delivered a comprehensive presentation on the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene. Following this, Dr. Chandar Kumar, Head of the Department of Periodontology, discussed the role of pharmaceutical companies in promoting oral health awareness and accessibility to dental care products.

As the event concluded, the speakers were presented with shields to laud their contributions to the success of the World Oral Health Day event.

Platinum Pharma representative expressed his gratitude to the college principal by presenting him with a bouquet. He reiterated the shared commitment to enhancing oral health awareness and accessibility to dental care products.

The event concluded with a cake-cutting ceremony.

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