DT News - Pakistan - 1500 patients examined at five-day freed oral health camp

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1500 patients examined at five-day freed oral health camp

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Fri. 20 October 2023


KARACHI: Liaquat College of Medicine & Dentistry (LCMD) and Qamar Dental Hospital, in collaboration with Colgate Pakistan, recently conducted a five-day activity aimed at advocating oral health within the local community, carrying out free oral check-ups of 1500 individuals and raising awareness about dental hygiene.

The free dental camp welcomed patients to avail themselves of thorough oral examinations, completely free of charge by proficient doctors from the Oral Diagnosis and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department of Qamar Dental Hospital.

In a bid to promote oral health, the patients were given free Colgate toothpaste packs. Besides diagnosis, this initiative also offered practical measures aimed at bolstering overall dental well-being.

As many as 1500 patients benefited from this initiative, receiving free diagnoses and consultations from the highly skilled and dedicated medical staff.

The camp focusing on community oral health awareness showed the commitment of LCMD and Qamar Dental Hospital to the cause.

The successful endeavour emphasised the necessity for more such initiatives to reach a broader audience and contribute to a healthier, happier society.

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