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School children, teachers visit Dow Dental College

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Sat. 4 November 2023


KARACHI: The Government Boys Secondary School, Kotwal Building, students and teachers went on an educational trip to the Dow Dental College led by the headmaster under an initiative by Dr Taqi, Head of the Community and Preventive Dentistry Department at the DDC.

The 35 students and 7 teachers of the school were given a comprehensive presentation by Dr Adnan Sukkurwalla, providing an overview of the institution's rich legacy and ongoing initiatives.

Subsequently, the students were divided into groups, each guided by Dr Mona, Dr Babar, and Dr Amber, who led them to various DDC departments, facilitating insightful interactions with the faculty, who informed them about their respective functions and operations.

Simultaneously, a group of teachers was escorted through different dentistry departments under the supervision of Dr Adnan Sukkurwalla.

At the end of the trip, the students and teachers met with Dr Muhammad Taqi, and shared their newfound insights, appreciating the invaluable learning experience.

The excursion not only encouraged the students' curiosity, but also enriched their academic journey.

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