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Dow Dental College BDS students examine 200 school kids

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Dental Tribune Pakistan

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Thu. 1 February 2024


KARACHI: As part of a recent community outreach programme, third-year BDS students from Dow Dental College organized a camp to promote oral health among 200 students at the Kotwal Boys Secondary School.

Under the guidance of Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Taqi, alongside Dr Adnan, Dr Mona, Dr Babar, and Dr Amber, the outreach programme aimed to empower students with essential oral hygiene practices.

The students engaged with the school community, imparting knowledge on proper tooth brushing techniques and effective flossing methods to instill habits conducive to optimal oral health in them.

The outreach activity involved hands-on clinical examinations conducted by the BDS students, enabling them to apply their clinical expertise in identifying potential dental issues among the school students.

Specific treatment plans were recommended for individuals identified as high-risk for dental caries, addressing their oral health needs.

A total of 200 schoolchildren underwent examinations during the visit.

In a bid to further support the community's oral health, free toothbrush kits were distributed among the students. This gesture not only promoted the adoption of proper oral care practices but also motivated students to enhance their daily dental hygiene routines.

The school headmaster presented a letter of thanks to Dr Muhammad Taqi for organizing an impactful community visit to Kotwal Boys Secondary School.

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