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10,000 students examined in Colgate dental screening event

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Thu. 2 November 2023


LAHORE: In collaboration with Akhtar Saeed Dental College, Colgate Palmolive recently organised the 'Colgate Dental Health Month' by arranging visits of 11 teams, led by college faculty members and comprising house officers, to several schools, conducting screenings and offering hygiene guidance to over 10,000 students.

Dental outreach programmes play a crucial role in advocating for the significance of oral health and its broader impact on overall well-being. These initiatives serve as essential platforms for conducting comprehensive screenings on a mass scale, providing valuable data on the prevalence of specific dental conditions across various regions.

Understanding the oral health status of the population is pivotal in shaping effective public health strategies. The primary aim of this initiative was to assess the oral health practices within the community, identify disease trends and patterns, and consequently formulate targeted oral health priorities for the future.

Recognizing that the foundation of healthy teeth is established during the early years of life, the programme highlighted the critical role of proper oral hygiene practices and the potential implications of poor dietary habits and inadequate brushing on both oral and systemic health.

Colgate-Palmolive, known for producing high-quality oral care products, demonstrates commitment to the communities it serves. In line with this commitment, the organization conducts dental camps in various locations worldwide, providing free dental check-ups, oral health education, and preventive treatments to underserved individuals.

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