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UHS introduces new regulations and calendar for MPhil, PhD programs

Staff Reporter

Fri. 11 August 2023


LAHORE: The University of Health Sciences (UHS) marked a significant step towards enhancing its postgraduate offerings with the approval of new regulations and an academic calendar for MPhil and PhD programs. The decision was made during the 192nd meeting of the Advanced Studies and Research Board (ASRB), chaired by the esteemed Vice-Chancellor, Prof Ahsan Waheed Rathore.

Under the updated statutes, both MPhil and PhD degrees will witness a streamlined completion period. The MPhil program will span two years, while the PhD program will extend over three years, with both programs structured around a semester-based system. This new approach aims to provide students with a comprehensive and focused academic experience.

Prospective candidates aspiring to enroll in the MPhil and PhD programs will now see admissions being advertised annually in mid-September. The admission process will be followed by an entrance test for MPhil candidates during the first week of October and for PhD candidates in the last week of the same month. Classes for both programs are set to commence in the first week of January, ensuring a seamless transition into the academic year.

In a decisive move to emphasize quality and practicality, UHS has determined that both MPhil and PhD programs will adopt a research-intensive and skill-based curriculum. The objective of these programs is twofold: to nurture adept researchers and to cultivate competent educators. To ensure the applicability of research, a strong emphasis will be placed on applied research across both programs.

Moreover, UHS aims to expedite academic progression by setting forth the completion of MPhil and PhD programs within the shortest feasible duration. A notable feature of these programs will be the inclusion of mandatory teaching components for students during their final semester. This teaching experience will be regularly evaluated, contributing to the holistic development of future researchers and educators.

For admission into the MPhil program, candidates will now be required to possess two years of relevant prior experience. In the Master's program, students will embark on their research journey by deciding their research topic in the first semester, followed by the submission of their research synopsis in the subsequent semester.

Compliance with a minimum attendance rate of 80% will be obligatory for MPhil and PhD candidates to be eligible to appear for their respective exams. UHS assures that these academic reforms are in alignment with the guidelines stipulated by the Higher Education Commission.

The ASRB meeting witnessed the presence of esteemed academic figures including Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof Nadia Naseem, Acting Registrar Prof Sara Ghafoor, Controller of Examinations Dr Uruj Zehra, and senior faculty members. The board's agenda also encompassed a review of post-graduate student thesis reports and the approval of research synopses from various academic disciplines.

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