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Workshop on “Dental Implantology” held at Military Dental Centre

DT-Pakistan Report

DT-Pakistan Report

Sun. 10 May 2015


By Dr Ali KARACHI- A one-day workshop titled “Dental Implantology” for general dental practitioners” was held last month at Malir Cantonment’s 22 Military Dental Centre.

Station Commander Malir Cantonment, Brig Syed Farhat Abbas, was the guest of honour at the workshop. Commandant, Brig Assad Abbas, graced the occasion by his presence.

Workshop comprised two scientific sessions. The chairperson of first session was Col Iffat Batool, professor of Orthodontics. First speaker of the session, Capt Anza Javed Malik of 22 Military Dental Centre, shared a brief history of Dental Implants, while Maj Qamar Ishfaque of the same centre, shared his knowledge concerning selection of cases for dental implants.

The second scientific session was chaired by Commodore Shahid Ali Khan, HOD Dental Centre, PNS, Shifa. Dr Jehan Alam, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, delivered a lecture on `Step by Step Approach to Implants placement’, while Maj Saad Mahmood, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon of 22 Military Dental Centre enlightened the audience with his lecture on `Prevention and Management of Complications of Dental Implants’.

Later, a live Implant surgery was conducted on a patient to replace both the central incisiors of upper jaw in the clinical area of 22 Military Dental Centre. The surgery was performed by Dr Jehan Alam and it was witnessed by the audience on LED screen.

The workshop concluded with a hands-on session. After a detailed demonstration, all the participants were provided an opportunity to drill and place dummy implants.

Souvenirs were distributed among speakers and participants of the workshop which was sponsored by Glow Pak International.

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