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BUDC hosts innovative art exhibition

Sun. 19 May 2024


KARACHI: The Bahria University Dental College (BUHS) Department of Prosthodontics recently organized an innovative art exhibition, showcasing the creative use of soft plaster and modeling wax by second-year BDS students, who were divided into ten groups.

The event aimed to encourage creativity, innovation, and manual dexterity in dental art, thereby preparing students for their clinical years and boosting their confidence in handling these materials independently.

The judges for the event included Dr. Arsalan Khalid, Head of the Department of Oral Medicine, and Dr. Akbar Abbas Zaidi, Assistant Professor in the Department of Dental Education, both from BUHS.

The event organized by Dr. Anum Baqar, Senior Lecturer in Prosthodontics, featuring remarkable art sculptures, was open to all dental faculty and students.

Prof. Dr. Kashif Naqvi, Principal of BUHS Dental College, was the chief guest, who awarded certificates to the groups for their innovative approaches.

The principal appreciated the students' efforts and encouraged them to continue organizing such activities. He said these events help explore and nurture the artistic skills of undergraduate students, alongside their academic studies.

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