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BUDC, Colgate teams conduct oral checkups at four Karachi schools

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Sat. 14 October 2023


KARACHI: Colgate, a known name in dental health, recently conducted its annual week-long programme -- Oral Health Week 2023 -- to raise awareness about dental hygiene in collaboration with Bahria University Dental College (BUDC), sending the varsity teams to four schools across Karachi, providing complimentary dental checkups and guidance to schoolchildren to emphasise the significance of oral hygiene in preventing future dental issues.

Throughout the week, four teams comprising five members each, including faculty members, house officers, and BDS students from various academic levels, conducted checkups in different schools.

The teams visited Bahria College NORE-I Junior Section, Bahria College NORE-III Primary Section, Jinnah Foundation School in Korangi, and Karachi Public School in Korangi, respectively.

Professionals like Dr Maria Moin, Dr Mohsin Haider, Dr Rabbia Imtiaz Ahmad, Dr Farah Irshad, Dr Shahrukh, Dr Javeria Zeeshan, Dr Raima Bashir, Dr Isra Ahmed, Dr Sarah, Dr Amna Khalid, Dr Noman, and Dr Zoobia, alongside dedicated house officers and students, actively contributed to the campaign's success.

The BUDC and Colgate teams commenced their activities at 9:30am, receiving a warm welcome from the school authorities. The thorough dental checkups, conducted by students under the guidance of experienced faculty members, benefitted around 1,200 to 750 students daily, aged between 3 and 15 years. Each student received a complimentary Colgate dental kit and valuable guidance, fostering a culture of oral health awareness among the youth.

The professionalism exhibited by the dental teams, adhering to stringent sterilisation protocols, received commendation from the school managements and students.

The success of Oral Health Week 2023 has reinforced the commitment of the BUDC team to continue collaborating with Colgate in organising similar events in the future. This experience has not only enriched the team's understanding but has also strengthened their bond with the community.


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