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LCMD team conducts dental checkup of 250 kids with special needs

Press Release

Tue. 31 October 2023


KARACHI: The Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry (LCMD) Department of Community and Preventive Dentistry team conducted dental checkups of 250 children with special needs, informing them about good practices to ensure oral health.

The activity was part of an outreach programme and informative session for 2nd Year BDS students, who visited the Special Education and Rehabilitation Center (SERC) in Karachi.

Under the guidance of HoD Dr Munnawar ul Haque, the event was led by faculty members including Dr Anjum Fahad, Dr Sara Maqbool, Dr Nousheen Zehra, and Dr Hassaan Sadiq.

Prior to the event, a comprehensive training session on dental checkup procedures and patient management was conducted by Dr Munnawar, aimed at enhancing the students' practical skills.

The outreach programme comprised two key components: Dental Education and Dental Checkup. The primary emphasis was on improving the oral health of the children with special needs enrolled at the SERC.

During the educational segment, 2nd year BDS students enlightened the children about the importance of maintaining proper oral hygiene, demonstrating proper brushing techniques using a teeth model.

Following the educational session, the BDS students performed thorough dental checkups for the children present at the centre. Approximately 250 special children received free dental checkups, along with gift boxes and dental kits, further enhancing the impact of the programme.

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