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Hamdard University's team shines at Dental Innovate 2024

Tue. 11 June 2024


KARACHI: A team of Hamdard University's dental section showed outstanding skill and dedication at Dental Innovate 2024, securing the third prize in the Table Clinic Competition themed "From the ashes: a tooth rises," focused on forensic odontology.

Comprising Mahum Asif, Nida Jaffer, and Aira Wasamat from the third year BDS program, the team clinched the third prize in the competition aimed at exploring the depths of forensic odontology.

Under the guidance of Dr. Haifa Saquib Baqai from the Department of Oral Biology, the team embarked on an in-depth journey into the field of forensic odontology. The team’s outstanding research and insightful presentation impressed the judges, earning them well-deserved recognition.

Prof Dr. Abdur Rehman assisted the students, shedding light on the significance of forensic odontology in contemporary investigative procedures through prop presentations.

Dr. Ayesha Basit, Associate Professor and Focal Person for Dental Innovate at Hamdard University Dental Hospital (HUDH), along with Dr. Syed Imran Hassan, Principal of HUDH, expressed immense pride in the team's remarkable achievement. They commended the team's  commitment to excellence, emphasizing the significance of their accomplishment for the academic community.

They said the team’s achievement also underscores the role of forensic odontology in modern investigative practices, stressing the importance of continuous research and advancement in this critical discipline.


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