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Team Hamdard University as Winners of I-MARC 2015

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DT-Pakistan Report

DT-Pakistan Report

Wed. 1 July 2015


KARACHI– The Day, 16 May 2015 when the slogan of Hamdard University was enchanting in the IBA University. When Hamdard University got 1st position in IBA’s 6th Annual Media Convention, the IBA Media Accession and Reinforcement Convention 2015 (I-MARC 15) which was organized by the IBA Media and Communication Society.

It was a three day activity with six-action-packed journalistic events. There were different teams participating from institutions all over Pakistan, each consisting of 12 participants. The plot of the event was set in a way that each team was acting as a news agency, having print (newspaper) and electronic (TV channel) wings. Like a news agency; team members playing as journalist including reporter, cameraman, editor, content writer etc. Team Hamdard University named themselves H-NEWS. Hamdard University’s team members were from different faculties of Hamdard University. Nida Gul, Joham Gul, Muhammad Nabeel, Tooba, Saad, Mahrukh, sidra from BDS took part in this event.

The first day of event started with the recitation of Holy Quran followed by National Anthem. The president of I-MARC 15, Mehreen Siddiqui gave a welcome note and briefed about whole theme of the I-MARC’15.

First activity was ‘News Ink’ in which the participants were allotted with limited material and they had to produce a newspaper with in a time frame of 45 minutes. The team of Hamdard University secured first position.

The second activity was ‘Roving Reporter’ in which the participants had to cover a live incident and submit a news bulletin thereof within a specified time frame. Hamdard’s Team secured first position in this activity as well

Third activity ‘I-Spy’ was based on investigation of a plotted crime case and the participants had using various clues and find out the real culprit and uncover the story. Hamdard team secured second position.

Based upon a pre-match sports live show ‘talk the talk’ the participants Fourth activity were given specified profiles of two teams and participants had to prepare a live talk show on stage. Hamdard’s secured second position.

Fifth and the final activity was based upon conclusion of all the three days which had a story intertwined within them The participants had to conclude the story and submit it in the form of a video.

At the closing ceremony, Hamdard University Team secured first position as they performed best among all the participating teams and in a great team spirit.-PR

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