IADSR hosts hands-on session on pediatric dentistry

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IADSR hosts hands-on session on pediatric dentistry


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Dental Tribune Pakistan

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Wed. 6 July 2022


LAHORE: Considering the significance of paediatric dentistry, the Institute of Advanced Dental Sciences and Research (IADSR) hosted a one-day workshop on the subject. It was held as part of IADSR’s 14th Professional Diploma in Advanced General Dentistry (PDAGD).

A specific one-day workshop on paediatric dentistry was arranged to provide participants with the chance to learn under the guidance of a highly experienced and recognised facilitator. The facilitator was Dr Arham Nawaz Chohan, professor of paediatric dentistry at CMH Lahore.

Dr Arham elaborated on paediatric dental patients' examination and treatment planning, including the pros and cons of working without a plan. In addition, he instructed on treatment planning principles and components, the significance of antibiotics in children, and behavioural management approaches for children. The students were provided with an in-depth discussion of pulp therapy in primary dentition, ranging from clinical diagnosis to treatment processes.

Under the direction of the professor, the students placed posterior stainless steel crowns and anterior strip crowns on typhodont teeth. The facilitator resolved all difficulties the participants encountered during the process performance. In an interactive session, Professor Arham Chohan elaborated on Pulp therapy in young permanent teeth and injuries to primary and permanent teeth. In addition, he commented on iatrogenic instances in paediatric dentistry and the function of radiography in the primary dentition.

Moreover, he also instructed on apexogenesis, apexification, space management in children, problems of pulpotomy in primary molars, reattachment of fractured tooth fragments, MTA pulpotomy, and local anaesthetic in children. Hence, the workshop was completed by achieving its desired educational results.

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