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JMDC moot promotes inclusive healthcare 

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Dental Tribune Pakistan

Tue. 17 October 2023


KARACHI: The Jinnah Medical & Dental College (JMDC) recently hosted a comprehensive three-day conference featuring engaging workshops, insightful plenary sessions, and health awareness programme.

Dr Maria Moin, Head of the Department of Community Dentistry at Bahria University Dental College (BUDC) Health Sciences Campus, was a guest speaker at the event.

The focal point of her discussion on the need for oral health education and health promotion tailored to the requirements of the disadvantaged population.

The discussion underscored the need of tailoring oral health education methods for disadvantaged communities, as these populations required more attention compared to the general populace.

During the discussion, various strategic approaches were highlighted to uplift the oral health standards and overall quality of life for the underserved groups.

The audience warmly welcomed the discourse, recognising the rarity of such discussions centered on the needs of disadvantaged populations.

In acknowledgment of the speakers' valuable insights, appreciation shields were presented, honouring their commitment to advancing inclusive healthcare practices.


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