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Mastering Online Dental Consultation

By Dr Syeda Rehma Hasan
March 11, 2021

As we are getting accustomed to the new normal, we must explore the idea of online consultation. This option has been available for a while, but its importance has come to light during the pandemic.

It was a matter of convenience earlier; however, it has now become a necessity. We still have a lot to learn about remote consultations and develop ways to make them useful for dentists and patients alike.

Online dental consultation: The sky is the limit

While face-to-face appointments may still be the best thing yet, we all must learn to move ahead with times. It is nothing short of a blessing to have this facility at your disposal. The online world has been a game-changer for professionals worldwide, allowing them to grow their businesses. Since there is no longer a geographical barrier, it will enable dentists to build a global client base if done correctly.

As long as there are a reliable internet connection and user-friendly technology, it can be conducted and attended from any part of the world.

This is advantageous to patients because they have a more comprehensive range of consultants to choose from.

The online appointment

The online appointment shares many attributes with the traditional one, but it minimizes the most dreadful feeling of dental anxiety. Once they have booked a time, both parties need to be punctual. It is a good idea to send out reminder emails to the attendees before they show up online. Moreover, online payments must be made quickly and easily.

The first few minutes could be spent building a rapport and understanding what the patient needs. They come in with a set of expectations, and it is essential to discuss how realistic they may be. Once that is done, you get right into the problem instead of beating around the bush. That saves time and avoids any miscommunication. Once your client is at ease, you must encourage them to visit the clinic when things get better. Follow-ups and patient feedback can help dentists up their game.

Tele-dentistry: The path to revolution

Lockdown has provided an opportunity to look into the future of dentistry and how it is continuously evolving. It has shown us how easily we can adapt. We have realized that even if the world comes to a standstill, there is always a way out. The virtual platform will continue to be beneficial even after these uncertain times. It will transform the field of dentistry in the future.


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