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Students showcase creative talent in Poster Competition

DT Pakistan
DT Pakistan

DT Pakistan

Mon. 14 June 2021


Lahore: The annual poster presentation competition was recently held at Azra Naheed Dental College (ANDC). The event was organised by the Department of Science of Dental Materials, ANDC. Dr Hira Asghar, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Science of Dental Materials, ANDC, supervised the event.

The competition was overlooked by Dr Zartashia Arooj, Assistant Professor, ANDC and Dr Razia Zia, Demonstrator, ANDC.

The competition was held among the students of 2nd Year BDS who were divided into two groups with nine students in each group.

Prof. Dr Muhammad Asif Shahzad, Principal, ANDC and Prof. Dr Ayma Syed, Vice-Principal, ANDC, were invited to assess and judge students' efforts. The posters were judged based on technical content, visual appearance, understanding answers and all student contribution. The students made and presented topics related to dental materials and their technical skills. The purpose of this competition was to encourage and motivate students to be involved in such activities and further enhance their knowledge and presentation skills.

The poster ‘Types of inlay wax based on techniques’ was presented by group A including Rimsha Iqbal, Maha Chaudhry, Hafsa Ijaz, Amina Khan, Zain ul Abideen, Jayyad Baloch, Burhan Amjad, Muhammad Haris and Muhammad Asim Hussain.

The poster ‘Impression techniques for elastomeric impression materials’ was presented by group B, including Eman Sajjad, Noor ul Sabbah, Syeda Wafa e Zainab, Syeda Madeeha Zahra, Mahnoor Mustafa, Asad Tariq Farooqi, Muhammad Shahryaar Maqbool, Muhammad Umair Raza and Affan Jabbar.

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